Collaborating on an Interactive Project on Climate Change and Human Health for The New England Journal of Medicine

This was a fun, multi-month project I collaborated on with fellow NEJM coworkers to bring to life Dr. Renee Salas’s unique perspective exploring consequences of climate change on human healthcare. Many brainstorming meetings were needed to refine the scope of this ambitious project. Additionally, we tested out several schematic styles and color schemes before we landed on the final aesthetic. Simultaneously, we designed the user interface with the goal of creating a product that was easy to navigate, clear in presentation, and engaging to interact with. We then divided up the illustration work. I really enjoyed creating the image for the Climate Drivers section. There was a lot of fun details and it was a challenge to figure out how to smoothly transition the three different environments in one image. I also created many of the icons featured in the interactive (shown here). The final product is an invaluable collection of information to help health care providers address critical climate concerns in relation to human health. See the full interactive here:

NEJM Quick Take Animation Summaries for Clinical Trial Research

For a few years now, I’ve been one of several in-house medical illustrators in The New England Journal of Medicine’s Graphic Art Department making short animated visual abstracts to quickly summarize clinical trial research in an engaging way. When I take on a Quick Take project, I work off a script written by our in-house fellows and develop a quick storyboard. With a plan in hand, I edit the recorded narration and create the final artwork using Adobe Illustrator. Finally, I pull it all together in After Effects, where I create the final animation. I enjoy these projects because I get to learn about new research and experiment with color schemes and iconographic depictions. Above are some sample illustrations for several Quick Take project I created, and below are links to the actual animations.

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