Medical & Biological Illustration Graduate Exhibit

From May 10, 2013 to June 10, 2013, my medical and biological illustration work will be exhibited at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The exhibit features a large sample of the work that my 5 fellow classmates and I have created during our our graduate study within the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Hopkins. It is our great pleasure to share with everyone the products of our hard work and creative exploration.

If you are able to visit Hopkins, feel free to visit the Graduate Exhibit!

Location: Turner Concourse, 720 Rutland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21287


Exploring 3D Modeling Programs

I am currently working to expand my proficiency in 3ds Max and Cinema 4D. There are seemingly endless options and functionalities that these 3D programs possess that I have begun to explore through  several projects and short exercises.  To explore lighting and materials in Cinema 4D, I modeled pill capsules and am pleased with the dynamic lighting that can be quickly achieved with the right adjustments.







I am finding that creating 3D assets to integrate into my 2D illustration projects is an efficient way to work, especially when objects must be shown in more than one orientation.  One example is a bird nest box created in 3ds Max for a poster depicting captive breeding of a tropical bird at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. To achieve the image shown above, I built the nest box in 3ds Max, exported out images of the nest box from the two angles I needed, and imported them into my piece in Photoshop rather than making individual drawings of the nest box. Another example is a Bovie I modeled in Cinema 4D. I have since integrated this instrument into two surgical illustration projects that are in progress at the moment and found it saved me a lot of time.


News Blog

Welcome to my News Blog at Check this section frequently to read  updates, descriptions of my current projects and upcoming events in the field of medical illustration. Thanks for visiting!

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